Meet the Directors

Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson, Deputy Chairman & Executive Director

With over 25 years of experience in the composites industry and a vast network of contacts, Paul is ideally placed to lead such a fast-growing, dynamic company as Forward Composites. Prior to owning Forward Composites, Paul began his career in the composites industry as an apprentice pattern maker in his uncle's business in 1982. He has had numerous roles since then including Project Manager, Sales Executive and Commercial Director.

Paul has ambitious plans for Forward Composites to position itself as the premier Composite Company in the UK and beyond. To achieve this, Paul has developed a highly skilled team to support him, and provided them with some of the best equipment on the market.

"Having such a highly motivated and professional team has given us the ability to react quickly to our customers" requirements and offer high-quality products. We believe in constant improvement and building long-term relationships with both customers and suppliers."

Ed Collings

Ed Collings, Chief Executive Officer
"Forward Composites is an engineering-led company. I have worked in several industries, including Formula One, where the balance of stiffness or strength vs. mass is everything. I find a much greater reward in achieving the best compromise where a greater number of variables are concerned: cost, cycle times, durability, repeatability, environmental conditions, certification, aesthetics and more. It is achieving the optimum balance of all of these considerations- knowing that we have offered the best engineered product and the perfect commercial solution that will ensure the success of Forward Composites."

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