Changes to organisation - January 2017

January 2017

Following the recent passing of Martin Leach, and looking towards the changing needs of the business, the Board has been restructured, to ensure the business continues its success, and fulfils its long-term goals.

Niall McFadden has resumed the position of Chairman of The Board of Directors. Niall has been fundamental to the company's achievements, having been involved with Forward Composites since it was founded in 2013. Niall will continue to push the company's strategic development.

Paul Jackson assumes the role of Deputy Chairman. Paul has worked tirelessly to bring the business from a start-up to the 170-person strong business that it is today. As the business moves into a new phase, investing in new technology and facilities, Paul has chosen to move on from the role of CEO. Paul will remain on the Board of Directors as Deputy Chairman, with a day-to-day responsibility for developing strategic customer accounts.

Ed Collings is pleased to be assuming the role of Chief Executive Officer and will take on the Managing Director's responsibilities. Ed is excited to take responsibility for ensuring the company is efficient and organised, and to deliver significant future growth. Ed is determined that Forward Composites should be the best in its industry; competitive in design, low-volume prototypes, medium volume production, and a leader in high-volume automated manufacturing.

Paul Comer will join the board in the role of Chief Financial Officer, and will continue his existing role as Company Secretary. Paul has proven his capability, having worked for Forward for 15 months as Head of Finance, Supply Chain and ICT. He will continue those duties, whilst providing increased support to the other members of the Board.

Collectively, the Board want to thank the staff of Forward Composites for their continued dedication, hard-work and enthusiasm as we drive the business into this next phase of progression.

Forward Composites Board of Directors

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