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Forward Composites, formerly known as CTS are proud to announce that the Beagle 2 Engineering Team, of which we are a part, has recently been awarded the 2015 Royal Aeronautical Society Team Silver Medal and Awards/2015_WOW_Medals_and_Awards_brochure_Web.pdf

Beagle Group photo
Representatives of the Beagle 2 Engineering Team receiving the RAeS Team Silver Medal

This prestigious award follows on from the earlier recognition by the British Interplanetary Society of the successful landing on Mars by awarding the Sir Arthur Clarke Award for Industry/Project Team. As cited in the award "The mission was only one, or possibly two solar panels from being an outstanding success."

Paul Jackson, Managing Director of Forward Composites said "It is fantastic to be part of the team that has won this award and recognises all the Team's hard work. It demonstrates that the UK is a major player in the exploration of space, which is further evidenced by Tim Peake becoming the first British ESA astronaut."

CTS produced the Back Cover structure manufactured under controlled conditions from advanced composite materials and had also previously supplied equipment for Astra 2B & KTV satellite structures, including tooling, jigging and components.

Beagle photo 1 Beagle photo 2

Dr Jim Clemmet, Beagle 2 Chief Engineer said of the award "This award is in recognition of the achievement of the Beagle 2 Engineering Team in landing on the surface of Mars. My congratulations go to all members of the team, including those at Forward Composites. It was a privilege to work with each and every one on this the UK's first mission to another planet and a great pleasure working with the whole team. Thank you for your contributions. Beagle 2 continues to be a brilliant experience none of us will ever forget and one for which we should all feel proud."

CTS, now trading as Forward Composites from the same site, with many of the original staff who worked on the Beagle 2 programme are continuing to supply state of the art lightweight solutions into high technology markets where their engineering excellence and End-to-End capabilities are recognised by their Customers.

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